Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Celebrations with Mission in Church Nepal

Merry Christmas and a blessed new year form Mission in Church Nepal.

Christmas program and new building dedication service.
With the star of the new year Mission in Church has started worship and prayer services in the new church building. We thank God for His provision and continue to pray for the church’s growth in Nepal. It was a great joy to run the Christmas program here in Kathmandu, with the whole church family coming together to celebrate the love that we have in Christ Jesus, and share the gospel  and Christmas party with many no believers. Again we praise God for the continued work in Nepal and the seven salvations this Christmas.
For our Christmas program the children of Mission Church Orphanage performed a nativity play, telling the good news and birth of Jesus and also a drama on His second coming. The whole church was alive with praise and worship, and to add to this very special occasion was the opening prayers and dedication of the new building to the service of the lord.
Please pray with us as fellow believers in Christ for the continued growth of the church, salvations and spiritual covering. Also keep in prayers the many people and families yet to hear the gospel, and that this year there will be provision and strength for those paving the way for Jesus in Nepal.
To get involved in ministry work contact senior pastor David Prasain through Mission in Church web page or Facebook

Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Volunteer work in Kathmandu Nepal

Mission in Church has organized a summer volunteer travel program during summer 2014 which involves an exciting cultural journey in the heart of Asia Nepal in the capital of Kathmandu. The journey will start in Kathmandu with an orientation, followed by volunteering work with an orphanage, then volunteers move on to teaching English to children with mental and physical disabilities for 2 weeks. Volunteers work in orphanage placements where they spend time with disadvantaged children. You would work 5 days a week volunteering at an orphanage to help the children in need.
The Summer Program also includes a weekend tour to some of the most popular tourist attractions in and around Kathmandu. The Tour includes visits to Patan , Bhaktapur, and Nagarkot around Kathmandu valley, as well as other forms of site seeing.
The mission is highly recommended for volunteers looking to make a difference in asia Nepal as well as exploring the special sights that the country has to offer. Friends and family are welcome to join this program together.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Plan for the future and for that we need your help,

Dear Brother/ Sister and prayer partners it is so greet to be search about this our organization plan to help orphanage children Nepal.
Our Living hope is an orphanage for children at risk, serving the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the most disadvantaged children.
Promoting family and community life of children and adolescents with violated human rights is an investment in their recovery and strengthens the community. Every child or adolescent with violated rights needs special protection.
We struggle every day to keep each one of these children fed, educated and healthy, which is currently a hard work as our orphanage survives just with donations. In Kathmandu poverty is everywhere and so the local community is unable to support and help.
A considerable part of our monthly expenses consists of the rent for the building in which the orphanage is located. At the same time we are dependent on the good will of the house owner who could demand the building back at any time.
Our plan now is to buy land in order to build a new orphanage making it independent and ensuring the continuity of our mission. This way we can extend our assistance providing a better place to live for many more neglected children.
The plot of land and a new building will cost around 75000$. With that relatively small amount of money, the life trajectory of these children (and probably futures generations, too) will improve considerably.
Our first goal is to raise $25000, we have already $ 1600 fund, the cost of the required plot of land for a new orphanage that will change our children’s life forever!
You can play an important role in this plan and in the development of these children.
So we challenge you to join us in this project - any amount will make an enormous difference, but if everyone who receives this letter help your contribution $100, $200, $500 and $ 1000 and organized with your family and friend, with your contribution and keep in touch in your prayer and church prayers  we will be able to reach our goal until middle of next year. please go here for donation link 

 I will send you an update on the project and on our fundraising success! Of course, feel free to call (+977 98 08484443) or email Us at if you have questions about this journey and about Mission in Church Thank you again for considering this request and for supporting this important effort.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Need your help orphanage child

Hello Dear all friends 
I hope you are well, here also orphanage children are doing well with  your help and prayer,
So this time they very much need for their living home for ripe ring and they need for  toilet, doors,  kitchen cabinets,  rice cooker, new printer,  cooling the house wall, so they need for this all to mintend    $1,650 USD, so please help  your small donation and share with your friend, your small,  small help will be so great  help this orphanage children their living home so they can live with good heath.   please donation  this our project link is
we need a loge your help and prayer for this our mission to help orphanage children and poor children in Nepal and other different work with God ministry in Nepal.    
Thank you so much
Your best regard
David with Big family  in orphanage home in Nepal.   
P.O. Box: 8975 EPC 4030,
Dhapasi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-14375403
Mobile: +977-9841440275
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mission in church Nepal

Mission in church Nepal

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sponsor program

Sponsor program for Ministry in Nepal
Mission in Church has a sponsorship programs; Sponsorships are long term partnerships with us. Sponsor a church planter, sponsor a child development center, and sponsor education for a child. Whatever the level of sponsorship God is calling you to, we have places where your gifts will make a significant impact!
There are different levels of sponsorship based on what organizations and individuals feel called to support.
Church Planting – sponsor the travel and ministry expenses of a Church Planter in Nepal
01    Church Planters
02    Evangelism  Ministry
03    Seminar and Conferences
        Child Discipleship – sponsor a child or home
01    Home for Orphans & Abandoned Children –  See Living orphanage home
02    Development Centers for Poor, At Risk Children – See Poor, At Risk Child
03    Home & Health Care for Special Needs Children
04    Education & Help for Pastor’s Children
        Community Development – projects to improve the lives of the poor
01  Continuing sponsorship can be for a district, type of project or need
       For questions or more information, please Contact Us.  God bless you!

Please more information contact US


Pray for Mission in Church
We Mission in Church  believe in the power of Prayer. God delights in giving good gifts to His children, and when we pray in line with Him will we can expect God to move powerfully. (Matt: 17: 20)  We encourage you to commit to praying for the Mission in Church Nepal. The harvest truly is plentiful and the workers are few, but they are increasing; as is the size and the influence of the Christian Church in Nepal. God’s heart is yearning for the people of Nepal to come into knowledge and relationship with Him.
Prayer Subject Mission in Church Nepal 

For the poor, the orphans and the widows: those who society has rejected but     God has embraced
For Mission in Church Nepal  leaders, church planters, pastors, district teams, staff members, volunteers, and partners
That everyone may hear and know of the love of Christ
 that all believers would be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God
That His will shall be done and His kingdom continue to come in power and in glory among His people
That the government would stand up for all our brothers and sisters being persecuted